“Gooooaaaaallllll!!!!!”, Barcelona just won the UEFA Champions League!! You watch your siblings run around the house, screaming for joy. In just a few seconds, you see the social media timelines flooded with reactions from all over the world. Some are overjoyed while others type furiously, saying that the game was a scam. What do all…

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Being A Christian Creative

Dear Christian Creative, I’m aware of your struggles, those ones you fight with everyday, the fears that haunt the corridors of your mind, the doubts that hang around your head: “do you really make good work? Does your work qualify as creativity?” You might even be a poser for all you know, cause you feel…

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Outburst Music Group (OMG!)

Outburst Music Group (OMG!) As Christians, its important that we guard our minds, and the things we constantly feed it. From checking the books we read, the movies we watch, to even the songs we listen to. Music has always had huge presence in human history and experience. There’s no denying the power of good…

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To Forgive is Human

Forgiveness is not everyone’s favorite topic to discuss. I mean, some of us haven’t even forgiven scar for killing Mufasa. So maybe it is about time to talk about forgiveness and if it is really possible. What exactly is forgiveness and why do people find it difficult to just ‘let it go’ whenever I decide…

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Centuries ago, an apostle named Paul, wrote to a church that he had preached to several years before. These people were believers, they had believed the gospel when he first took it to them, but he had gotten report that they had started to believe a lie. What happened? They had been listening to a…

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The True Gospel

What is the Gospel? The Gospel is simply “Good News”, no addition or subtraction. The Greek word is “euaggelion“. What is the Good News? The Good News is about how Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection makes us righteous in the sight of God when we believe. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 [1] Now I would remind you,…

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Horny Born Again 2

Hey you. How’s it going? Welcome back to this sequel of Behind the Scenes: Horny Born Again. I’m confident that the first part really emphasized some relevant and powerful truths to us. If you felt it was an information overdose, don’t worry. In subsequent posts, we will zoom in more into those aspects and traverse…

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Horny Born Again

Aloha! Welcome to the first episode of Behind the Scenes, we are going to be talking about a topic that many of us shy away from – Sex. If you are a ‘90s “kid” enough, you will relate well with an experience I’m about to recount. So I remember taking a very nice picture with…

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