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Everyone can attest to the fact that this year isn’t what they expected it to be in the least bit, we have seen so much happen in this relatively short period of time that it’s probably overwhelming for some of us. A lot of expectations have been disappointed, goals abandoned, new year resolutions drowned in…

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Soldier of Love

I’m not a preacher of love! I’m a war, I’m a fight, I’m indab… I’m sure you already know the ending, as it’s a phrase that was popular and probably still trends on social media. This phrase is one that has subconsciously planted the idea of ‘love being weak’ in the minds of a lot…

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Milk, Meat and Bone

I used to love attending the children’s church when I was younger. One reason being it gave me an opportunity to meet and make new friends, my other reason was it was always so much fun.  My favourite teacher then (I can’t remember her name, but I remember her hair was done in a lovely…

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State of Emergency

The recent wave of killings in the southern part of Kaduna state, has really shaken the country to its core. Images of the scale of these tragic events, scattered all over the internet, and other media have left a bitter taste in the mouth of many concerned Nigerians. People have started screaming for justice, setting…

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