A Call For Apologists

Earlier this week, just a few days ago, I was reading about a very popular songwriter who is “genuinely losing his faith” and posting questions he feels are unanswered. Reading about this, I was in tears. I asked myself, “If I was God right now, how will I feel?” It will really sting. I was deeply hurt, disappointed and all other sad emotions.

I am aware that many other young believers feel the same way I do, the fear that everything in Christianity seems to be crumbling down, the fear of not knowing what will come next. I mean I know I will be a preacher of the gospel but after all of these, will there still be anything left?

But yes there will and it’s normal to feel scared but it is not spiritual. Fear should not be our only response to situations as believers. We can and should respond from a place of prayer. The Bible in James 5:16 tells us that, “The heartfelt and persistent prayer of a righteous man (believer) avails much [it is dynamic and makes tremendous power available.]”

We pray for our brothers and sisters all around the world. We pray for unbelievers that the scales fall off their eyes, that they see the glorious light of the gospel. We pray that the fame of the gospel grows and prevails all over the world.

Another effect of all these current happenings in the believer should be a wake-up call to all believers world-wide to what is popularly known as “apologetics”. No, this has nothing to do with apologizing for being on the wrong side of the belief system but everything to do with defending your faith.

In other words, apologetics is being able to give logical, reasonable, and evidential defense for what you believe. The Bible tells us to always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks us to give reason for the hope that you have with all gentleness and respect” (1 Pet. 3:15).

Gone are the days when beliefs go unopposed, when everyone just goes with whatsoever they are told. It almost seems like the entire world is going wild. Truth is now very relative, everyone striving to be politically correct, people everywhere are asking questions and as believers it is our duty to be ready.

Paul said,

 “Study to show yourself approved a workman that needs not to be ashamed”.

                        ~2 Timothy 2:15

God is on trial, being judged by humanity the world and you are his lawyer!

What do you know to be able to defend him?

Dear lazy believer, you’ll need to seat up in this area. Laziness is not your nature. You are called to be diligent. Your other name should not be “I’ll get back to you”. You can and should know enough about what you believe.

Dear scared believer, don’t be afraid to look into what you believe in and why. Don’t shy away from questions.

Contrary to some belief that it is demonic to question what you believe in and why, it actually isn’t. As a matter of fact, most of the “falling away” that’s happening now a days would not have been possible if people got answers to the questions they have about their beliefs. Christianity, the Bible, everything about our faith has clearly shown to have nothing to fear from the modern scientific methods of inquiry and research.

Dear nonbeliever, atheist, pagan, etc, I think it’s time you look into the case for the Christian faith. What you will find will interest you greatly because our faith has evidence. It’s not just a blind one. Logic, history, these all give our faith a platform on which to stand. However, in your quest, remember that apologetics can only get you so far. It is not an end in itself but a means to one. You’ll need to make a spiritual conclusion in the end.

At Vivify, we are dedicated to helping believers in this area and in this light, copies of “Prove It”, our apologetic devotional, are still available. We are also undergoing a study all about apologetics….. Join us! Leave a comment or contact anyone at the Vivify family if you want to be a part of it.

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