A Tale of Two Brothers

Please read very carefully!

I should have never….

If I had only just….

What if I actually did it?

Sounds familiar?

Meet REGRET, he’s the first brother. Let’s meet his elder.

What if it doesn’t work out?

What would happen if….?

Would I be able to….?

Yup, you guessed it, that’s WORRY, a couple of years older.

These two try to affect our minds in ways that are different, yet so similar. It kinda runs in the family. At the end of the day, their goal is the same: to keep you from doing anything good in the NOW.

Regret tries to keep you in the past. Constantly showing you images of how things could have done differently. Keeping you caged in the thoughts of wrong decisions, friendships, relationships and more. What’s more? It leaves you with a feeling of guilt and inadequacy that makes you think that you can’t possibly recover or be better. It’s a nasty fella.

And then worry, just like his brother, tries to hold you down as well. It’s just, this time, it’s in the future. Just like regret, it also shows you images of how things could go, usually not well. It keeps you caged in the uncertainty of tomorrow and the possibility of failure.

Can you see? Regret and worry are truly related. But you can choose not to play their little game, at least not according to their rules. While it’s not wrong to reflect on past experiences and mistakes, choose only to learn from them. Learn from your successes, learn from your failures, learn from your bad decisions, and turn out to be the better for it. Let these lessons translate to wisdom and confidence in the now.

While it’s not wrong to plan ahead, choose to remember that tomorrow is never a certainty and the best we can always do is trust God and prepare in the now. Let the lessons from your past and the knowledge of the possibilities of the future stir you to making the most of the time in your hands. That way, you can actually beat these brothers at their own game!

So next time, when regret throws the ball at you, choose only to reflect and learn. When worry passes, choose only to anticipate, trust and plan. Never let either paralyze you in the present. Don’t give them the privilege of defeat!

That’s the tale of two brothers.


    Daniel Olusegun September 21, 2019 Reply

    I really needed this, Thank you for this sir🙂

      Daniel Babalola Reply

      Glory to God! 🙂

    Anonymous Reply

    I felt instant peace reading this piece. Thank you so much.

      Daniel Babalola Reply

      I’m super glad to hear that. Praise God

    Mr.Matthias Reply

    It’s an interesting and apt read. Bless you team Vivify

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