Your Guide to Spiritual Growth

As a Christian, the times you spend not praying or studying are the times you’re most vulnerable. You might not want to hear it but it’s true. It’s easier to fall into temptation at these times because you’re weak. You should create time for feeding on the word of God. As my school chaplain would…

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Rolling Stones: Song Review

One of my favourite Christian artists of all time would definitely be Lauren Daigle. It was so weird how I discovered her on a random playlist I had downloaded, created by her coincidentally, and the first song I heard was “You Say”. That song spoke to me and still does, especially in those times when…

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Planning Your Day

If you know me personally, you’d know I’m huge on planning. Any day of mine that isn’t planned can be, as well, useless. Whenever I set my mind to do stuff, I plan, even if it’s in my head. Planning is something I’ve grown used to over the years and it’s so helpful, it can’t…

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God When?

Jehovah, do it for your gyal*! Nobody is toasting* me… Daddy, when? I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve said this to myself, in my head or to even my friends. Being single has its boring and tiring moments, but I’ve been in a relationship before and I can say relationships have their…

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One thing I’ve learned over time is not to underestimate the power of people’s personal experiences. I, for one, have experienced this but this does not in anyway replace the importance of the gospel. Stay with me. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be like my older sister; I wanted…

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