Family Ties

“You’re too young, you don’t understand”, Words that pretty much every kid growing up around me, including myself, hated to hear. We live in unprecedented times, a world where knowledge and truth are never far away. Whether it’s in science, history and now religion, information is readily available. And what that means is that anyone…

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“Gooooaaaaallllll!!!!!”, Barcelona just won the UEFA Champions League!! You watch your siblings run around the house, screaming for joy. In just a few seconds, you see the social media timelines flooded with reactions from all over the world. Some are overjoyed while others type furiously, saying that the game was a scam. What do all…

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Help! I live with my parents.

The first word here probably describes how you’re feeling right now: Help! You’re stuck at home, and again you’re reminded of how difficult your parents could be sometimes. Whether it’s their “intrusion” on your productivity, the constant assertion of authority over your spiritual life and decisions, friendships, life choices etc., and so on. You’re simply…

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Just Friends

Let’s face it. Most of us have faced this scenario at one point or the other in our relationship journeys, either from the giving or receiving end. You start to grow feelings for a person, they start to feel the same way, you both become more and more attached, and then boom! One person says…

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