How to Handle Heartbreak

Before I ever saw a picture of hers or even knew her name or who she was, I was well acquainted with Adele’s songs…those songs during my university days that several roommates of mine played while they sobbed quietly or tried so hard not to. Heartbreaks are no pleasurable experience; they usually have an adverse…

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The story of Hosea, the ‘unfortunate’ guy who got to marry an adulterous woman is one that is not so unpopular amongst Christians. While I can speak to the popularity of this intriguing book in the bible-the book of Hosea- I wouldn’t be so confident that it is well understood by all who’ve read through…

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Shalom, Peace. Merriam-Webster defines peace as 1-freedom from civil disturbance, state of security/order within a community provided for by the government, 2- freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts/emotions, 3-harmony in relationships. Peace is often defined as a state influenced by the presence or absence of something (or someone). I believe this dictionary definition mirrors a…

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Are You The One?

Love is beautiful. Relationships are divine and it is quite beautiful that romantic relationship is the best representation of what a believer enjoys in Christ. Love is magical in itself. The things we do for love could be crazy at times, even God displayed His share of crazy love on the cross. I’ve seen all…

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Faith is Foolish

As cultures evolve, the means of livelihood and the skill set of people continue to change. Faith didn’t seem to be needed where man could get things done by himself. There was once a time when people could tell the time through their shadows, they navigated without compasses, threw spears tens of meters away with…

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Single and Searching

I bet the first thought that came to your mind is an article on romantic relationships. Oh well, let’s read through and find out. First off, what comes to your mind also when you hear the word ‘single’? I would think ‘one’, ‘unity’, ‘lone’ and in some context ‘lack’. Singleness, the quality or state of…

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