My mother and I have been bonding, these past few days. In the oddest of colors, I have been learning from, listening to, discussing with and loving her. I find that this is needful: to not just see our parents as figures but as people who are capable of-and also very interested in- maintaining close…

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“Testing microphone one, two. This is your Jollof speaking. One, two, testing microphone.” Na so I dey my workplace just dey press computer yesterday as I hear “pim pim” for my phone. I check am, na WhatsApp notifications. One mighty group wey I dey get information say Joshua Harris don renounce eem faith. First thing…

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A viral meme circulated the internet around last year. It was a scene from an old Nollywood movie Pretty Liars. In that scene, Funke Akindele, who plays Cleo, and her friend Alice (Queen Nwokoye) are walking somewhere and a man who Cleo owes some money pulls up. The problem wasn’t that he pulled up, it…

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On the morning of an October morning, the year 2007, your girl tried to kill herself. Here’s what happened: my sister and I used to take the bus to school. We had to make sure we were early so we wouldn’t miss the bus. That specific morning, my sister and I had a mix up…

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