Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination So many people can relate to the struggle of wanting to achieve more but not doing so due to procrastination. Procrastination is simply when you postpone a task you’re meant to do and instead do something of less importance. So for instance you have an assignment due in 3 days, rather than doing…

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Centuries ago, an apostle named Paul, wrote to a church that he had preached to several years before. These people were believers, they had believed the gospel when he first took it to them, but he had gotten report that they had started to believe a lie. What happened? They had been listening to a…

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As you begin reading this article I want to help establish something, God loves you, before you were formed He had already had pages and pages that communicated his heart poured out for you, He took the first step in this whole journey and he is far more interested and invested in you hearing from…

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I’ve heard a lot of good news in my day, but none and I mean absolutely no other good news, I have heard or will ever hear, can ever compare to this particular one I’m about to share with you. And by the time you read through, I’m 10000% sure that you’re going to agree…

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There were nights I would lay awake just wondering and feeling empty. Wondering why God bothered to make me. Why he didn’t just leave me un-made. At least then I’d have no consciousness of what seems like a meaningless existence. If there was a purpose for my existence I certainly didn’t see it. Funny enough,…

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A little shift in the right direction can make all the difference.Some months ago my sister bought this stunning plant. It was very pretty; it has this plump red color, lined with a warm shade of green that compliments it beautifully, and the leaves are so smooth, almost velvety in fact. God dey create! Now…

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