Being A Christian Creative

Dear Christian Creative,

I’m aware of your struggles, those ones you fight with everyday, the fears that haunt the corridors of your mind, the doubts that hang around your head: “do you really make good work? Does your work qualify as creativity?” You might even be a poser for all you know, cause you feel the only time you’ve been creative is when you sing in the bathroom, Well, guess what, you are a Christian creative, for you have been born of God, and have His Spirit within you.

Gen 1:26-27 says man was made in the Creator’s image, so this means that you personally were made in God’s image, and because of that, you are an expression of the Creator’s creativity… Being made in the image of the Creator, you are creative too. So no matter how many doubts you have, the word of God says you are Creative.

How about your difficulties, you ask.. You find it difficult to write a simple poem, or draw a painting, to get and execute an idea is one of the hardest things for you… Hold on, it is hard at first, but know this, God is your source. The very Spirit that was present at Creation, the birth of the universe, dwells on the inside of you, so everything you need to be the best at what you do lies in you. Don’t get me wrong, There is the place of responsibility and it lies with you to develop that gift you’ve been blessed with. Every talent comes in varying degrees, but talent without hard work is almost useless, so work, paint, write, sing, dance, design, do what you know how to do, you might not get the results you want at your first or second try, you might not even get the best at your fifth try, but keep at it, excellence comes with practice.

There will be days, even weeks when you don’t feel the least bit creative, but those days or weeks do not change your identity, they cannot change who you’ve been made to be, so instead of letting these days pass by without doing anything, work, practice, stir yourself up, get motivation, it might be through music, or a walk to clear your head, it can be through prayer too, what better way to get inspiration than from the Spirit of creativity Himself. One thing you should know though, don’t give up, cause it lies with you to glorify the Father of creative spirits through your creativity.

The temptation to compare yourself to others will arise, but don’t fall into it, because even if there is one person out there who’s better than you, remember you are a unique expression of the Father’s creativity, no other person can express God the way you do. So, instead of indulging in unhealthy comparison, set a standard for yourself and choose to get better with God’s help, never forgetting whose you are and from whom you are….

Above all, know that God is with you on this creative journey, He is your source and should get the glory for your works, let your works be expressions of the Father, and show forth the goodness of God and the riches of His Grace.


Your fellow creative



    Oluwafifunmi June 26, 2020 Reply

    Thank you For this Daniel. It’s Beautiful and very timely ❤

    Olamide Reply

    This is soo Great☺☺
    Thank you Soo much for this!

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