Five Lessons from Prove It

Are you a believer with questions about your Christian faith or you’re lost somewhere along the way, trying to find out if Christianity is for you? Then this book, Prove It is for you. This book, written by Pastor Kenneth Olusanya, is a combination of short articles that will help clear out any doubt you have in…

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My mother and I have been bonding, these past few days. In the oddest of colors, I have been learning from, listening to, discussing with and loving her. I find that this is needful: to not just see our parents as figures but as people who are capable of-and also very interested in- maintaining close…

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I check my watch and see the time is already 5:30pm. What a day this has been. I’m trying to shake off the scraping sounds the coffin made, as it was swallowed by the earth’s open mouth, early that morning. Even with the loud Bini music coming from the speakers, the children running around, and…

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A Call For Apologists

Earlier this week, just a few days ago, I was reading about a very popular songwriter who is “genuinely losing his faith” and posting questions he feels are unanswered. Reading about this, I was in tears. I asked myself, “If I was God right now, how will I feel?” It will really sting. I was…

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Apologetics is majorly a religious discipline, one that involves defending our faith by systematic argumentation and discourse. It basically means to speak in defense of something and to many of us, it might not come across as an urgent need among the body of Christ or an important skill to school one’s self in. We…

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