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Everyone can attest to the fact that this year isn’t what they expected it to be in the least bit, we have seen so much happen in this relatively short period of time that it’s probably overwhelming for some of us. A lot of expectations have been disappointed, goals abandoned, new year resolutions drowned in…

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Soldier of Love

I’m not a preacher of love! I’m a war, I’m a fight, I’m indab… I’m sure you already know the ending, as it’s a phrase that was popular and probably still trends on social media. This phrase is one that has subconsciously planted the idea of ‘love being weak’ in the minds of a lot…

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Milk, Meat and Bone

I used to love attending the children’s church when I was younger. One reason being it gave me an opportunity to meet and make new friends, my other reason was it was always so much fun.  My favourite teacher then (I can’t remember her name, but I remember her hair was done in a lovely…

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Overcoming Procrastination

Overcoming Procrastination So many people can relate to the struggle of wanting to achieve more but not doing so due to procrastination. Procrastination is simply when you postpone a task you’re meant to do and instead do something of less importance. So for instance you have an assignment due in 3 days, rather than doing…

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How to Handle Heartbreak

Before I ever saw a picture of hers or even knew her name or who she was, I was well acquainted with Adele’s songs…those songs during my university days that several roommates of mine played while they sobbed quietly or tried so hard not to. Heartbreaks are no pleasurable experience; they usually have an adverse…

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Church Temples

Have you ever sat down to ponder on the love of God? Ever turned over in your mind the unrestrained, prodigal love of the Father? That the divine God, the Creator of all that exists, would love you so much as to strip Himself of all glory and honor, abandon His glorious estate, and be…

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Family Ties

“You’re too young, you don’t understand”, Words that pretty much every kid growing up around me, including myself, hated to hear. We live in unprecedented times, a world where knowledge and truth are never far away. Whether it’s in science, history and now religion, information is readily available. And what that means is that anyone…

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