How to Handle Heartbreak

Before I ever saw a picture of hers or even knew her name or who she was, I was well acquainted with Adele’s songs…those songs during my university days that several roommates of mine played while they sobbed quietly or tried so hard not to. Heartbreaks are no pleasurable experience; they usually have an adverse…

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Just Friends

Let’s face it. Most of us have faced this scenario at one point or the other in our relationship journeys, either from the giving or receiving end. You start to grow feelings for a person, they start to feel the same way, you both become more and more attached, and then boom! One person says…

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A New Heart

Seeing With A Clear Heart. “This year, I won’t entertain any emotional shenanigans!” As I write this, I’m standing in the mental space where I stood last year (2019) when I said those words while looking over the previous year in retrospect. I was sure my heart would be aligned in all the right places……

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Single and Searching

I bet the first thought that came to your mind is an article on romantic relationships. Oh well, let’s read through and find out. First off, what comes to your mind also when you hear the word ‘single’? I would think ‘one’, ‘unity’, ‘lone’ and in some context ‘lack’. Singleness, the quality or state of…

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God When?

Jehovah, do it for your gyal*! Nobody is toasting* me… Daddy, when? I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve said this to myself, in my head or to even my friends. Being single has its boring and tiring moments, but I’ve been in a relationship before and I can say relationships have their…

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Flowers and music, food and wine Jolly faces beaming with smiles It’s the happiest day of my life; Gracious sounds resonated from the harp Love hung in every note, as the wind breezed its strings Clanging against the walls of my anxiety And calming my nerves Heat flushed my cheeks with a blushing shade of…

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