State of Emergency

The recent wave of killings in the southern part of Kaduna state, has really shaken the country to its core. Images of the scale of these tragic events, scattered all over the internet, and other media have left a bitter taste in the mouth of many concerned Nigerians. People have started screaming for justice, setting…

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Dear Strong Friends

Dear strong people, How are you? I know you might be tempted to say “I’m fine”. Let me let you in on a secret; I hated that question while growing up because it always had a default answer. What if I’m not fine? Does the asker really care? Or it’s just for formalities and the…

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The True Gospel

What is the Gospel? The Gospel is simply “Good News”, no addition or subtraction. The Greek word is “euaggelion“. What is the Good News? The Good News is about how Jesus’ death, burial and resurrection makes us righteous in the sight of God when we believe. 1 Corinthians 15:1-4 [1] Now I would remind you,…

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Horny Born Again 2

Hey you. How’s it going? Welcome back to this sequel of Behind the Scenes: Horny Born Again. I’m confident that the first part really emphasized some relevant and powerful truths to us. If you felt it was an information overdose, don’t worry. In subsequent posts, we will zoom in more into those aspects and traverse…

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Horny Born Again

Aloha! Welcome to the first episode of Behind the Scenes, we are going to be talking about a topic that many of us shy away from – Sex. If you are a ‘90s “kid” enough, you will relate well with an experience I’m about to recount. So I remember taking a very nice picture with…

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The story of Hosea, the ‘unfortunate’ guy who got to marry an adulterous woman is one that is not so unpopular amongst Christians. While I can speak to the popularity of this intriguing book in the bible-the book of Hosea- I wouldn’t be so confident that it is well understood by all who’ve read through…

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Help! I live with my parents.

The first word here probably describes how you’re feeling right now: Help! You’re stuck at home, and again you’re reminded of how difficult your parents could be sometimes. Whether it’s their “intrusion” on your productivity, the constant assertion of authority over your spiritual life and decisions, friendships, life choices etc., and so on. You’re simply…

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