Conversations With A Skeptic

Me: Hey there

Skeptic: Oh hi

Me: How was the Weekend?

Skeptic: Oh, you know, same old same old. You?

Me: Well, same here. I had fun at church though.

Skeptic: Cool

*Few seconds of awkward silence*

Skeptic: You know I’ve been thinking, I really don’t think there is a life after death. All this ‘eternity’ stuff doesn’t really settle well with me.

Me: Hmm, why do you say so?

Skeptic: Well, we really don’t have any proof. It’s not like anyone has ever shown that there is or anything like that.

Me: But that isn’t exactly true.

Skeptic: What do you mean?

Me: Someone did prove there was life after death.

Skeptic: Oh please, you’re about to tell me Jesus did, right?

Me: Exactly

Skeptic: How can you be so sure, it’s not like there’s any picture or something. Christians just keep saying that he did, but none of you actually saw it happen.

Me: So basically, you’re more concerned with the truth about Jesus resurrecting? If you knew for sure that He rose from the dead, you’d believe that there is life after death?

Skeptic: Well yes, I guess. I mean if ‘Jesus’ did rise from the dead, then he’s pretty legit.

Me: Alright then, what if I could prove to you that the resurrection isn’t another made story.

Skeptic: How? You took a selfie with him? *Smirks slyly*

Me: Very funny.

Skeptic: Alright alright, I’m listening.

Me: Let’s start with the fact that his body was never found…till date. Even though His tomb wasn’t hidden.

Skeptic: Lol, that isn’t a strong reason though, anyone could have easily taken it.

Me: Well, you might have a point. But think about the fact that His body was guarded by a group of roman soldiers.

You can’t even enter my room without waking me up. How much more rolling open a stone, stealing a dead body and leaving without a trace, none of this waking not even one soldier? Heck, do those guys even sleep on duty?

Stealing the body would probably require an even bigger miracle!  

Skeptic: Well, when you put it that way, you might have a point.

Me: I’m glad you see that. And never forget, they had nothing to gain by stealing the body and lying that Jesus had risen from the dead.

Skeptic: What do you mean?

Me: Well, even when they started preaching and telling everyone that Jesus had risen. It didn’t make them rich, or powerful. If at all they became famous, it definitely wasn’t for the right reasons.

They were even beaten, humiliated and tortured to confess otherwise, but few, if any, ever recounted their testimony. Definitely not the original 11. Which brings me to my next point.

In the face of torture and eventually death, none of these guys changed their testimonies.

Skeptic: None of them?

Me: Yup. None.

James was stoned and beaten to death, Peter was crucified, Paul, who didn’t even see Jesus physically, was beheaded…

Skeptic: It’s fine. You don’t have to go any further. That’s cruel.

Me: Yes it was, but it was worth it. Their sacrifice in the face of death is why I can have this conversation with you today.

My point is, these guys had nothing to gain, and yet they gave up their whole lives, their comfort, everything just saying this same thing “Jesus is alive, the prophecies have been fulfilled, we saw Him with our own eyes.”

Skeptic: Well, what if they really didn’t see anything, they only thought they did.

Me: 120 people at a time? Come on, we both know hallucinations might be real but not in that manner. How do you fool 120 different people to see the same thing at the same time as well as in different groups over different periods of time?

Skeptic: …

Me: And one final reason

Skeptic: Oh there’s more?

Me: Trust me there’s a lot more. But I’ll leave you with this. I have a class soon.

Skeptic: Same here. Was good talking with you though…

Me: Yh, me too. The final thing to think about might not mean so much to you but it does to me.

Think about the people whose lives have been changed by Jesus.

Think about the miracles which happen in this Jesus’ name.

I’ve seen blind eyes open, heard of the dead being raised, I’ve seen tumors and pains go in an instance.

Yeah you could say placebo effect for a headache, but for a blind eye? Lol.

The miracles we see even today prove that there is indeed a supernatural, much more that Jesus is powerful even now.

Skeptic: Hmm, not the most logical of proofs but I guess you’re right.

Wow, I’ve never had this much to think about before.

Me: You’re welcome D.

Skeptic: I still don’t know though…this whole eternity stuff just seems weird. Life after death? Really?

Me: Well for your sake, let’s both hope you’re right

Skeptic: What? Why would you say that?

Me: Well…because if you’re right, we both have nothing to lose. We’d both end up dead anyways and that’s the end.

But if you’re wrong, then my friend, you’ve pretty much lost it all.

I don’t think it’s wise to gamble on that.

Skeptic: Wow, now I’m scared

Me: Oh, don’t be, I advise you take time out to consider this question more seriously though. Did Jesus actually rise from the dead? And I can tell you for a fact that he did. Trust me, the answer to that question might just be the most important discovery you could ever make while you’re still alive.

Skeptic: Gosh, thanks a lot man. You’ve really put things into perspective.

Me: Anytime. Have a great day. We’d talk later some other time.

Skeptic: Yeah sure. See you around. 


    ìbùkún October 7, 2019 Reply

    that’s it. thanks for this, very encouraging and inspiring. XOXO

    Fisayo Reply

    Awesome! Glory!

    Eunice Myron Reply

    this is beautiful…Hope to have a conversation with you soon, I miss those.

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