A little shift in the right direction can make all the difference.
Some months ago my sister bought this stunning plant. It was very pretty; it has this plump red color, lined with a warm shade of green that compliments it beautifully, and the leaves are so smooth, almost velvety in fact.

God dey create!

Now we placed this plant in the veranda which acted like a shade from the sun, so this very pretty plant actually didn’t get enough sunlight.

Fast forward a few weeks after, we started noticing visible changes. It was consistently losing its color and at some point it actually started dying. My sister noticed this and decided to place it outside where it would get more sunlight and water from rain.

It didn’t take long before we started to notice that the plant had started regaining its color, not only that, it started to grow even more and now its way more beautiful than it ever was.

Dear believer, your tiny efforts of consistent fellowship is building you up and you may not even realize it.
Yes sometimes what you’re doing may be small but it makes all the difference because like sunlight and water is to a plant, so is fellowship to a believer.

So what if sometimes you don’t feel like praying, or you are so drained from a stressful day? That 30 minutes or one hour you spend in prayer is not a waste trust me, else Jesus would not have admonished his disciples to pray regardless of the extremely tiring day they had.

Bible study is important; it will answer many questions you have and help build and strengthen the convictions that you will need.
Yes it takes time but what good thing doesn’t?
Consistent fellowship with fellow believers will keep you revived.
It is God’s design that we grow together.
So yes! That little step in the right direction always goes a long way.

Because just like by placing that beautiful plant that had almost completely died under the sun, resulted in it flourishing to the point where it’s now far more beautiful than it ever was, even so,
Consistent study, prayer, communing with fellow believers and your Heavenly Father who loves you so dearly, goes a long way to ensuring that you are flourishing.

For fellowship is the sunlight of the believer.

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