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Hello family! It’s been a minute since we last write to y’all and that really is quite sad indeed. We were challenged with some technical issues on this website and had to wait the entire month of January and some of February to get it resolved.

Is it too late to say happy new year?🥺 We missed you, dear reader. However, we are back now and we have a lil something for you from the blogging team. You can call it a Valentine special (yup we know it’s the 15th👻). We have compiled a few lessons on love based on different personal journeys from some of our writers. Enjoy!

Kenneth Olusanya

“True love looks like Christ. It looks like when he was beating, mocked, spat on while carrying the cross on His shoulders. They mocked him and scorned him but he allowed himself to be mailed on the cross and uttered the words, ‘Father forgive them for they do not know what they do’, that’s what I see love as. I see love as enduring, I’ve learned love to be out of my comfort zone. If your love has not brought you out of your comfort zone, you are probably not loving Christ’s way. You don’t only love based on how you feel: love goes beyond feelings, love goes beyond moods, love is God.” Pastor Kenneth Olusanya

Anesi Igebu

“Love is commitment. You do it more than you feel it.” Anesi Igebu

Daniel Babalola

“True love is more than a feeling, it’s a commitment to always put the other person first. Whether I feel like it or not.” Daniel Babalola

Daniel Olusegun

“The most important lesson I have learned about Love is that Love is God, and Love is selfless, but the selflessness must be rooted in Christ’s Love.” Daniel Olusegun

Seyi Olajugba

“I’ve learnt that love is not a feeling; it’s not the butterflies in your stomach and all that. Love is a conscious decision you make to be there for someone at every step of the way. It’s sacrifice and tolerance wrapped up in commitment. I’ve learnt that love is patient, patient enough to endure someone else’s growth process, understanding that growth brings something beautiful.In all, I’ve learnt that God has shown me love and with this, I’m learning to love perfectly. To love as He has loved me; without questions or conditions, looking beyond the mistakes and knowing where His love is taking me to. The love of Christ has taught me that love isn’t something that comes and goes and that you don’t fall out of love with people.” Seyi Olajugba

Iyanuoluwa Aladegbeye

“Love is a beautiful thing but can be otherwise if it isn’t adequately reciprocated. In a nutshell, in the context of a romantic relationship, be sure that the person you love also loves you back. Choose your battles. E get why.” Iyanu Aladegbeye

Lemuel Chuks-Emmanuel

“The most important lesson I’ve learnt on love is that it’s not my past experience! I pray one prayer constantly and it’s that God helps me to not be a shadow of myself to my current partner because of what I’ve experienced in the past.

It’s so easy to let the past slip in, to punish and judge this current person based on past experience and sometimes I don’t even know when I’m doing it! I don’t want that. This person deserves my all, deserves my best. If you are also going through something similar, let this be your resolve. Don’t let ghosts of relationships past destroy the future of your relationship today.” Lemuel Chuks-Emmanuel

These are all very valid lessons and can never really be overemphasized, especially in a world where the real attributes of love look more like foolishness than virtue. In a world where deep relationships are being built on superficial foundations, where true love seems more scarce; God will have you experience the real deal.

He wants you to have great relationships and also succeed at them. Yours can be different, fulfilling, beautiful and just as exemplary in the inside as it is on the outside.

Much love to you from us, Vivify 365 Team

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