God When?

Jehovah, do it for your gyal*!

Nobody is toasting* me…

Daddy, when?

I literally cannot count the number of times I’ve said this to myself, in my head or to even my friends.

Being single has its boring and tiring moments, but I’ve been in a relationship before and I can say relationships have their tiring moments too, and if one isn’t careful, this “boringness” can overshadow everything and collapse the relationship. One thing to note is, your single life affects your relationship life. I’ll explain…

If you aren't satisfied with yourself as an individual and seeing yourself the way God sees you, there's no human being on the surface of the earth that can change that. That's a fact. Click To Tweet

As a single pringle, how do you live your everyday life? How often do you spend time with God? Where have you seen your idenini*? If you aren’t satisfied with yourself as an individual and if you aren’t seeing yourself the way God sees you, there’s no human being on the surface of the Earth that can change this, and that’s a fact.

Someone once said and I quote, “God when, not God anyhow.” Where’s the lie in this? Many people go into relationships because they are “tired” of being single, most times it ends in shambles. The reason is easy, they settled. Girl! Dude! That’s a no no. Never settle.

No matter how tired you get, you can always develop yourself in your single period, because this is when you have time for yourself. Write a book, or read books, take up online courses, make more friends, learn a skill. You never know when you would find “the reason” you never settled for anything.

Also, use this time to develop a better personality. Yes, we know your future bae* would love you as you are and accept you for who you are, but nobody likes nonsense, and nobody wants it. If you know there’s something you need to work on, work on it and be a better person.

Just like you don’t want to take care of the burdens someone would bring into a relationship, nobody wants that too. Become what you want in another person, if you want someone who is gentle, you have to be gentle. I’m not saying you and your partner are going to have the exact traits and beliefs, but there should be an agreement.

Lastly, especially for those at the back, don’t be indoors 24/7 and be shouting “God when!” It doesn’t work that way, except you’re waiting for a spirit. Go out once in a while and socialize. This last point is actually for me. While you socialize, set boundaries, those are very important. Tolerance can be very tempting but let people know where to draw the line. And do not forget,

“Be ye not unequally yoked together with unbelievers: for what fellowship hath righteousness with unrighteousness? And what communion hath light with darkness?” – 2 Corinthians 6:14 KJV

May the Lord help you in your waiting season. And the single members of the church say? Amen!


1.         While single, work on self-development.

2.         Don’t be in a relationship if you don’t understand how to truly love others.

3.         Socialize with people.

*Gyal- lingo for girl.

*Toasting- lingo for wooing

*Idenini- lingo for identity

*Bae- boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife

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