I don’t even know which experience I should use for this as I have been depressed at many points of my life for very many reasons. I will use my most recent experience seeing that there was a huge change between former times of being depressed and the most recent one. When I say most recent, I mean this year. It wasn’t so long ago.

So recently, I found out that someone I really loved had been lying to me and comfortably using me to their advantage. Mehn! I felt excruciating pain when I found out about this. I cried almost every second. I felt like I just wanted to die. Yes, I was in pain. When it was time to pray, just remembering what happened would make me cry.

1.) Fellowship with God. By this, I don’t just mean praying that God should heal me. I mean just spending my time reminding myself of God’s love for me, for the many many blessings I have in Christ, for the favor, for everything He showered on me. Spending quality time just loving on God. Telling Him how I feel about Him, how good He is, how wonderful. Also spending time in worshipping, just singing to God His praises, in adoration to His name. This is the most awesome thing ever. I noticed that after my daily fellowship with God in the morning, I was always filled with joy the entire day. So yes, cry if you need to. But don’t dwell there, don’t keep crying. In the times I needed to cry, I spoke to God about how I felt and immediately I reminded myself that God has plans to favor me and He has such plans for you too

2.) Surround yourself with the right people. This statement can honestly not be overemphasized. I have the best people around me. Unlike the previous times when I handled depression, I always kept away from my friends, I would shut myself out completely, my friends would be so worried but this time I wanted to try something different and see the results. I had times when I’d just send long voice note of myself crying to my friends and they would listen and talk to me, I had times when I felt like doing stupid things and I’d talk to my friends and they’d talk sense into me. Don’t ever think no one understands, that’s the enemy trying to keep you quiet so you won’t get help. Talk to someone you can trust who can help you out.

Distractions. Don’t be idle, find something to do. Keep a journal or write or watch movies, play music, go out with friends. Just do something. Don’t spend your entire day thinking it will only get you sad. I’m not saying go over the edge and overdo things. For me, I watched one episode of a series or one movie per day after I have fellowshipped, read my bible and done all I needed to do for that day.

Things have never been the same again for me since I did all of these. I decided to focus on the things that are important to me and it has been amazing so far. I wouldn’t have written this but God really laid it in my heart that someone really needs to read this.

Eventually, the memories and everything you feel you can’t overcome will fade, you’ll be okay, you’ll look back and smile. If you know other ways that have helped please feel free to share with us in the comment. Also if you are currently struggling with depression, pls just leave a message requesting for my contact or send me a message or anyone in the vivify family. We care and we can help.

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    Mitchel August 8, 2019 Reply

    Interesting read
    Thanks vivify

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