How to Ruin Christmas

My current mood about Christmas 🙃👇🏼

“That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? That’s what it’s always been about. Gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts, gifts! Do you wanna know what happens to your gifts? They come back to me – in the garbage can. Look I don’t wanna make waves but this whole Christmas season is pointless.” – The Grinch

Have you ever imagined a Christmas without gifts, snow, decorations, Christmas trees or maybe even a Santa🙄? Hmm. What a Christmas that would be. It seems that would be a funny Christmas but I assure you it will be fun nonetheless.

You see, the value that you place on a thing, say a gift, is greatly influenced by your knowledge of how much it’s worth – monetarily or sentimentally.

I remember when I was a little girl, my mom bought me a certain sweater and would hardly even let me see too much of it, talk less of letting me wear it anyhow. Albeit I got to wear it one special day but before the end of the day I had spilled some oil on it and the stain wasn’t going to come off. Boy was my mom furious! Apparently, I wasn’t careful enough.

I was sorry but I couldn’t bring myself to understand her anger at the time because as far as I knew, I had even better looking sweaters and so I could easily do away with that one. However, the faster I grew the more I understood her fury. The sweater had been hand-knitted by my grandmother and it took a lot of the strength she had left in her age-stricken fingers and God knows how many months for her to make.

When I understood this, I became more sensitive and appreciative of her efforts and somehow that plain old sweater also became more beautiful to me.

This is how value works. More often than not, the value placed on things shape our perspectives about those things and consequently determine how we treat them.

Relating this back to Christmas, I must tell you that the goal of this article isn’t much about HOW TO ENJOY CHRISTMAS as it is about WHY YOU SHOULD ENJOY CHRISTMAS. Because when the WHY of a thing is not known or it’s forgotten, you can do nothing more than ruin it.

Without diving too much into history, it’s no news that the early church celebrated no such thing as Christmas, albeit they lived every day of their lives in thanksgiving for and consecration to the promised Saviour who was born and killed for the salvation of mankind, our Lord Jesus Christ 😇.

And as the church spread to different regions on earth, Christians rightly found it to be something worth celebrating – the birth of our Lord and Saviour. Since then, Christmas has been and still is a big deal.

Everyone, believers and unbelievers now celebrates Christmas but considering certain controversies about the celebration of Christmas that have risen over time, it would seem that the true meaning of Christmas has gotten lost in peace treaties, cultural reformation and proclamations of what is politically correct.

🙄Like who on earth is santa?🤦🏽‍♀️

The lights, gifts, vacations and decorations actually do make everything so beautiful and creates an abundance of nostalgic feelings but Christmas is hardly about the things we focus on and there is more to a miracle at Christmas than falling in love


Christmas is about the true love that God has for humanity which inspired His perfect gift unto us – a Saviour who was born to die. If you do not have this gift, it wouldn’t matter how many gifts you receive on Christmas day. What’s the point in going all out to celebrate someone in one day that you forget about all year?

Photo Credit: Contoversies about Christmas, Wikipedia.

This picture is a 1931 version of the Soviet magazine published by a League of Militant Atheists. It depicts a priest being forbidden to cut a take a tree home for the celebration of Christmas. Christmas at the time had been banned in most of Europe and the West. The goal of course was not the banishment of Christmas décor but rather the elimination of faith as a whole but they obviously thought that “disrupting” or “cancelling” Christmas was a good place to start.

Like many others, they could not see that the true spirit of Christmas was not in the Christmas trees, or fireworks, or merriment, or exchange of gifts or even a church service on Christmas day; it’s only in the joy and hope that was brought to mankind by the glorious birth of Jesus Christ.

If I were this priest, I would be quite sad but rejoice nonetheless because the true celebration of Christmas is only evident in the lives of those who have him.

And so although it seemed necessary at the time, with the eyes of understanding you might see also how heart breaking it is that the Christians then rose up and focused all their energy on a protest for Christmas celebrations as if the banishment of decorations somehow changed the meaning of Jesus’ birth for us. And now that there are no such hindrances, the validity of the Christmas season can depend on anything else but the joy of new creation realities.

This should not be so. Christmas is beautiful with all these things in it. It is a time to celebrate and it’s exciting to see the world join in a celebration with us – although for them – of someone they sadly do not know.

Christmas is best celebrated with family and loved ones but should you ever have to spend it alone, the season should not be less beautiful because there’d be no Christmas if God didn’t extremely love you.

My favorite Christmas theme certainly involves a lot of Christmas lights 😁 but if I have to do without them, I’d remember that my once hopeless and non-existent walk with God received hope the day He (Christ) was born and because of his death, I am now light in this world💃🏼💃🏼.

And when like that priest in the picture, I can’t have a Christmas tree, I will rejoice in the fact that from and in the Tree of Life, I am a dedicated branch. And so are you if you are born again.

Yes! That’s our reality.

Christmas hits us differently and whether the world says “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”, the season is forever beautiful and a big deal. So you, if you are training to be a Grinch, trying to ruin Christmas, you don’t have to steal gifts. Lol. You only have to be celebrating for the wrong reason.

So this Christmas, you must enjoy yourself. Be merry, be happy and be selfless. But walk in light of what Christ has done for you.

When you understand the true reason and meaning of Christmas, nothing can ruin it for you. And that’s because it’s way beyond what anyone or system can see, touch, steal away or put a stop to😌. I call you Blessed.


    Kayode Dolapo December 9, 2020 Reply

    This is amazing✨ I will enjoy myself, and be selfless tho Christmas.
    Thank you so much for this💞

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    Thanks for this beautiful reminder that Christ is the essence of Christmas regardless of circumstances😁.

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    Beautiful Piece, awesome story telling, a timely reminder. Thank you so much

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    Susanna 😭i loveeeeeee❤️ you spoke my mind!!!! Finally! This is beautiful. A wonderful reminder of the true significance of Christmas. Wonderfully written!

    Zion Reply

    This Christmas, I will walk in the light of What Christ has done for me, and nothing can ruin Christmas for me. Thank you, Susanna.

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    Thank you for this beautiful write-up that reminds us of why we celebrate!

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    Thank you!

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