Keep Marching

Yay! March is here again! Happy new month from us once again. Is it just me or this year seems to be moving with the speed of light? Today’s the 64th day of the year; that’s about a fifth of 2021 gone already! Is this a good time to ask about those goals we set for the year? Have you been consistent on that bible reading plan, or the weight loss/gain program you signed up for, or the new skill you’re way overdue to learn?

Well, statistically, most people’s new year resolutions never last till March. In fact, if you still contemplated those ‘goals’ up until February’s end, then you rank well above the average person. So, should in case you haven’t performed well in this regard, I won’t judge, you are not alone, 😊. Can I shake this table? Before you feel too comfortable being among the statistical majority that ‘sly’ on their new year resolutions, remember that this may just be a sign that you have yet to master how to commit diligently to your dreams.

Should in case you’re on this table, as I said earlier, you are not alone, we are many 😊 …. and that’s why this article is in order.

Beyond the ‘new year resolutions’ and all the baggage that come with it, there’s really something powerful about purposing in your heart to do a thing and following through with it. That’s how people thrive. Those persons you admire and desire to be like did not stumble into their level of excellence overnight. That lady with your ‘body goals’, or that brother full of fervour were most likely not born that way; they too gave themselves diligently to becoming what has now become enviable/worthy of emulation. The goal is to motivate you.

Among the many reasons why people fail to follow through on their resolutions are fear, distractions and insecurities. So, a fifth of the year is gone and you’ve not accomplished as much as you’d wished? Well, you have 4/5th of the year to make things right! There’s still much time to work on those projects that God instilled in your heart from last year! How? You may ask. While there are many steps to take in getting back on track with your goals, for this article, I’d like to emphasize the need to stay motivated. I particularly want to address how to handle those fears that have discouraged a lot of people from daring those ‘impossible’ goals/projects that God has set before them.

Firstly, I understand that because of the many ‘perspire to aspire to Maguire’ folks out there, a significant number of people have come to overlook the power of motivation. It’s unfortunate how the ‘motivation’ industry has abused the concept of motivation, however, you must never underestimate how important motivations are.

By design, we (humans) have been made to respond to stimuli. Our thoughts, convictions, appetites, and eventually our characters all gravitate towards what we expose ourselves to hearing/seeing. Do you remember Peter? Peter dared to walk on water because He saw Jesus do the same! Perhaps the reason behind your fears is the lack of the right information, sufficient enough to encourage you to dare the ‘impossible’.

Let me tell a quick story about Roger Bannister. You can read further about him if you love his story. Roger was an athlete in a time where everyone believed it was ‘impossible’ to run a mile in less than four minutes. The many failed attempts to break this record made running a mile in less than four minutes as much a myth as UFOs in Silicon Valley. Roger Bannister broke that record, and what made his feat formidable, was that he did it under harsh weather conditions, where ‘experts’ believed the record would be further impossible to break! What made the Roger Bannister story more phenomenal was that barely a month after he broke that record, almost ‘suddenly’ others started to do so as well.

In just about a year, four other persons also went ahead to ‘effortlessly’ beat the four-minute record for a mile race. What was ‘impossible’ for many decades not only became possible but also replicable! As of today, over a thousand milers have gone ahead to accomplish a similar feat, with the current record at three minutes forty-three seconds. Really, ‘impossibility’ is only what we make of circumstances/tasks that we haven’t had the right information to deal with.

While Roger Bannister was the first to cross the mile’s mark in under a minute, he must have had to really believe it to be possible to have tried! But here is where the moral of the story is; for the many others who accomplished the feat afterwards, Roger’s success was an easy motivation to keep trying till they made it. Others’ successes can influence ours; others’ stories can stir us up to do more. We are not always as independent as we may think. You may not always be conscious of it, but even your littlest choice and preferences are easily influenced by what you’ve learnt over time, by observation or listening.

A lot of our fears are really not ‘originally’ ours but what we learnt from others. Yes! Fears can be learnt! Some persons would never dare to take some risks because their colleagues/friends who did so, failed. Many limitations and bad convictions have been inherited, mostly without our attempt to verify their validity! So, a simple life hack; just like GIGO (the fundamental principle of computing), you can direct your desires, appetites, beliefs, by feeding on the right things.

In a world that screams impossibilities and thirteen reasons why you should give up on your God-inspired dreams, it is only befitting that you pay attention to what would stir you up to do what God has called you to do, against all odds! In ‘staying motivated’ you must prioritise and pay attention to the things that build your conviction/willingness to attempt and keep working on your goals till they come to fruition. If for you, this is the year of the boo, then read relationship books, listen to testimonies of couples who’ve had a success at relationships. If the goal for you this year is to see a thousand souls saved, and work seamlessly in healing gifts, then read about it, confess it continuously, watch sermons, let the consciousness of the miraculous always be at the forefront of your mind. Staying motivated is simply staying rightly informed!

In summary, if you wish to hedge against giving up on your goals/new year resolutions, stay motivated! And more importantly, when God says go, go. And whilst you’re at it, feed yourself with ‘information’ that would make you dare the impossible. Stay motivated! Keep Marching!

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