Let me sing to you
For a celebration of our love
A sweet melody
My heart beats in rhythm to
How much I love you my darling child, no one else can tell

You are my favorite work of art
The only creation of my hands
That blend my humility – such great humility – with loads of boastful admiration
The beauty I most enjoy to behold
You – My lover
In a broken body called humanity
An affair I chose before I made time

But how ugly sin has made this body
Scarring you for a lifetime
With no hope or desire for healing
How forgetful it has made you
Do you not remember?
That the void in your heart, was once filled by Someone

But in spite of this
My love for you surpasses in value,
The treasures I have hidden in a million planets… in a magnificent universe
No! The glorious beauty of the galaxies cannot compare
And it is in your lovely admiration that I find more pleasure,
Than in the endless praise of angels

Let me sing to you
A song of desire
Desire stronger than my will to live, if it’s to be without you
I left heaven once to be with you
To know what it felt like to be you
A perfect exchange…

Your pain was my heartache
Your weaknesses fueled my compassion
Hands that painted the sky
Have now been painted in red
Grace and mercy awakened in their fullness

Let me sing to you
A song of passion
Passion your multiple sins can never wash away
And a thousand flaws will never make weary

I left heaven once
So we can be one in a perfect union
For you, my believing and patient bride
I do it everyday
‘Cause heaven is wherever you are

Yours forever,
~ Jesus Christ

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    Praise November 16, 2019 Reply

    Beautiful, beautiful piece…I love it!!!

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