My mother and I have been bonding, these past few days. In the oddest of colors, I have been learning from, listening to, discussing with and loving her. I find that this is needful: to not just see our parents as figures but as people who are capable of-and also very interested in- maintaining close relationships with us. My mum is my friend.

Being friends with her affords me the opportunity to know her, deepen my respect for her and many more. Above all, it affords me the opportunity to know Christ through her eyes. Occasionally, we find ourselves discussing scripture and doctrine and spiritual practices and so on. Mid-way into our talks, we almost always find something we do not agree on.

These parts of our discussion has led to realize how similar we are as people. Being really passionate people, we each believe we are right and the other is wrong, we each want to correct the other in love, so we find ourselves in a what becomes an argument. Her, trying to teach her 18 year old daughter who has not seen as much as she, and me trying to remind her that experience has never been a measure for truth while making sure I do not raise my voice at her. The latter part is because
a.) she is my mother
b.) you don’t shout at your mother, or anyone
c.) I am trying influence her experience of salvation not dishonor her
d.) my destiny does not want to be slapped into inexistence.

I never take these for granted,the arguments I mean. I enjoy them almost as much as I enjoy the food that usually comes after them. But what excites me the most is when the outcome of our arguments is properly tilted in the direction of scriptural truth. By extension, even if she does not totally agree with it, she cannot refute it. I am learning that being her daughter and being a minister of Christ are not mutually exclusive.

I love that she lets me challenge her and I let her challenge me. Our house is a mini apologetics center, hehe.

Recently, we were speaking about the law, and grace. When I told her that the old testament was not the guideline for the Christian life, she asked me very simply “Why is it now part of the bible”? I was silent for a while. Any who sees the bible holistically should know it is all about one thing: The Plan Of God In Christ Jesus. Christ is the reason why the law came.

The book of Romans puts it this way ; the law came to show that the standard to be righteous in God’s sight could only be fulfilled by God, Christ fulfilled that standard for us and we are righteous by faith in his work of reconciliation.

The law only revealed the need for Christ.

A better way to put it would be this: you know those make up videos you’d watch ehn? They typically show the before, during and after makeup. It is because of each of these steps that you really appreciate the work done i.e facebeating. If a woman had tribal marks before and after the makeup artist did his/her work the face is markless, you can understand how thorough the work put into that face must have been. You appreciate-understand even- the new because of the old. The same goes for the bible. The bible is simply revealing the before, during and after of Christ. By extension, God’s relationship with mankind in each of these phases

While thinking of how to concise this into three or four statements, my mother “dropped the mic and stepped off the stage” (she was laughing too). Mocking my silence…smh. I love the woman. This is why we should always be prepared with answers, and what better place to prepare than in prayer, study and Vivify 365?

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    Adenike April 7, 2020 Reply

    This is a very good read, very Relatable and enlightening at the same time.
    I love eet!
    Thank you Fiyin ❤

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