When They See Us

Our Response in the Face of Persecution. The Life of A Believer On Earth This article is addressed the believers who hold on tightly to their identity as Christians as it is to those who might be having a crisis of faith. It is dedicated to those who have fought and won the good fight…

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Money Bags

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes: first to the Jew, then to the Gentile.” The gospel is great news! In original Greek text, the word “Euaggelion” does nothing but spell it out perfectly as a message that is so…

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Shalom, Peace. Merriam-Webster defines peace as 1-freedom from civil disturbance, state of security/order within a community provided for by the government, 2- freedom from disquieting or oppressive thoughts/emotions, 3-harmony in relationships. Peace is often defined as a state influenced by the presence or absence of something or someone. I believe this definition from the dictionary…

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I find myself singing at the top of my voice after seeing this movie excellently made by Disney, and in my head… I am totally Elsa. Lol. ”Into the unknown Into the unknown Into the unknown… oh oh oh oh” Seriously though, if you have not seen Frozen, especially the second, you totally should. And…

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I’ve heard a lot of good news in my day, but none and I mean absolutely no other good news, I have heard or will ever hear, can ever compare to this particular one I’m about to share with you. And by the time you read through, I’m 10000% sure that you’re going to agree…

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Are You The One?

Love is beautiful. Relationships are divine and it is quite beautiful that romantic relationship is the best representation of what a believer enjoys in Christ. Love is magical in itself. The things we do for love could be crazy at times, even God displayed His share of crazy love on the cross. I’ve seen all…

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Everyday we experience some sort of growth. Even when it’s not conspicuous, you are still growing in a lot of ways. This is especially seen physically as no one actually develops growth overnight, but have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror one day and noticed that you have gained some extra weight or…

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Dope or Nope

[Addiction is a party many of us don’t want to be in, but end up going anyway. Temi wandered to the table, unsure of how he even got to this depressing party in the first place. He watched his fingers curl around the neck of a bottle, one of many ‘poisons.’ His eyes caught sight…

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