“We walk, to freedom. What we see right now, we’ll never see again. . .” The worship minister sang with his eyes closed, raising one hand. Caleb sat and looked around, not really sure what to do. He had never been a fan of Christian music, they all sounded too generic and unoriginal for him….

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Flowers and music, food and wine Jolly faces beaming with smiles It’s the happiest day of my life; Gracious sounds resonated from the harp Love hung in every note, as the wind breezed its strings Clanging against the walls of my anxiety And calming my nerves Heat flushed my cheeks with a blushing shade of…

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Apologetics is majorly a religious discipline, one that involves defending our faith by systematic argumentation and discourse. It basically means to speak in defense of something and to many of us, it might not come across as an urgent need among the body of Christ or an important skill to school one’s self in. We…

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One thing I’ve learned over time is not to underestimate the power of people’s personal experiences. I, for one, have experienced this but this does not in anyway replace the importance of the gospel. Stay with me. Ever since I was a little girl, I always wanted to be like my older sister; I wanted…

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It was 7:55am on Sunday morning, a throng of club-wielding and angry youngsters marched along the road. On instinct, I drew closer to find out what was going on. A huge crowd had formed now. Getting closer, I saw three young men stripped completely naked being marched down. Confused, I asked what the issue was….

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Laughter filled the air, bringing a smile to my face as I watched them run round the church singing “O le pa mi la yó, Iro, Iro nla” Translated “you can’t beat me at Ayo (a Yoruba game), lie, big lie” It was a beautiful thing to see: two little girls chasing themselves while dancing…

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