“I’ve prayed but it isn’t working, it just feels like God isn’t listening” “Are you sure? Maybe you aren’t doing it right” “What do you mean I’m not doing it right? I’ve fasted, prayed and even praised, but nothing is working. I’m getting tired, maybe this prayer thing isn’t for me” HOLD UP!!!! Can you…

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Just Friends

Let’s face it. Most of us have faced this scenario at one point or the other in our relationship journeys, either from the giving or receiving end. You start to grow feelings for a person, they start to feel the same way, you both become more and more attached, and then boom! One person says…

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My mother and I have been bonding, these past few days. In the oddest of colors, I have been learning from, listening to, discussing with and loving her. I find that this is needful: to not just see our parents as figures but as people who are capable of-and also very interested in- maintaining close…

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How To Ruin Your Relationship

Hello dearest love-sick patient. How are you today? Thank you for honouring this appointment on such short notice. I hear you’re having some trouble in paradise. Well, I’m here to help. Through the years I’ve spent observing and researching, it’s quite evident that there are certain factors that cause relationships to fail. The ironic thing…

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How to Avoid Distractions to Your Faith

Distraction is generally a lack of ability to pay attention to something. According to Wikipedia, there can be two types of distractions; External or Internal distractions. External distractions include factors such as visual triggers, social interactions, music, text messages, and phone calls. There are also internal distractions such as hunger, fatigue, illness, worrying, and daydreaming….

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