Planning Your Day

If you know me personally, you’d know I’m huge on planning. Any day of mine that isn’t planned can be, as well, useless. Whenever I set my mind to do stuff, I plan, even if it’s in my head.

Planning is something I’ve grown used to over the years and it’s so helpful, it can’t be over emphasized.

Quick question: how often do you plan?

I got a planner some time ago after I got tired of writing on any random note, and I still hardly ever use it I’m used to writing down a to-do list on my phone or a small notebook that’s almost ever with me, partly because the planner is a bit restricted.

Benefits of Planning:

·       It keeps you on track for whatever you want to accomplish in a day.

·       It helps you plan your day/week effectively.

·       There’s a feeling of accomplishment at the end of the day.

·       It aids growth, immensely.

·       Prevents procrastination.

However, what you shouldn’t do when planning is to go past your strength or pile up a whole bunch of things to do at once, what I mean is, do not wait till you’ve gotten to a deadline before you start planning. It might help but you’ll be stressing yourself a whole lot! You might have 10 things you need to do, 8 of them would take a whole lot of time to accomplish, and you should ask yourself these:

·        Can I actually do all these in a day?

·        If I die, the world would move on, right?

If you can’t finish all 8 at once, and you have time left, break them into days and fit in the smaller tasks. You can do 3 in one day, 3 the next day and 2 on the third day. That way, you’re more relaxed. Also, set out time frames for when you want to accomplish each task: how many minutes/hours it would take and what time is best. This particular step helps a lot when I’m reading for tests or exams.

Another thing to do while planning is to also insert times for breaks and leisure, because… you’re not a robot. Take out time to rest in a day and at the end, as you tick things off your checklist, you’ll be so happy with yourself.

Important things to note while planning your day:

·       Priority tasks- the most important tasks for the day, should be limited, 5 at most.

·       Action tasks- what you need to do to ensure you take control of your day.

·       Break time- time allocated for rest.

·       Time frames- set out time it would take to complete each task, be truthful about this and try not to burn yourself out.

Happy Planning! I hope this was helpful.


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