Single and Searching

I bet the first thought that came to your mind is an article on romantic relationships. Oh well, let’s read through and find out.

First off, what comes to your mind also when you hear the word ‘single’? I would think ‘one’, ‘unity’, ‘lone’ and in some context ‘lack’.

Singleness, the quality or state of being single, also refers to the quality of concentrating on one central objective, that is, giving attention to what you seek. Singleness implies the absence of doublemindedness or duplicity. The phrase ‘Single and searching’ gives an idea of searching for something with all intentions of finding it.

There is always something we search for, something we seek. From spiritual to material things; seeking to grow in understanding of God’s word, searching for answers to questions that may have been bugging us all our life…looking for Johnny 😊… You could say that life compounds a series of quests.

There’s something perhaps that the singleness of a man does to him in his pursuit. The earnestness with which a jobless man looks for work, a lost person seeks for direction, a single-somebody searches for that significant other… such seriousness is only expressed by someone who understands the value/importance of what he seeks. Haven’t you had ridiculous questions that one would think there could be no answer to, but found it anyways after going through hundreds of search-results on Google? You found that answer because you had all intention to!

"The reason perhaps why some individual’s quests are futile is because they dabble over many other alternatives… Click To Tweet

Never underestimate the power of singleness especially when it sponsors one’s search! Singleness of heart, singleness of purpose, singleness of vision. Many search, but more often than not, only the single and searching finds! The reason perhaps why some individual’s quests are futile is because they dabble over many other alternatives. ‘Singleness’ admits a state of need and focuses on satisfying it without giving room for anything else.

"We understand that the Christian life is hinged upon our faith in God; resting in the provision of His grace, and fixing our hearts on Him… Click To Tweet

Singleness of the heart is priceless. A double-minded person is unstable in all his ways, meaning, he cannot be productive in any of his endeavour, be it spiritual or otherwise. (cf. James 1:5-8). Matthew 7:7 (also Luke 11:9) and Jeremiah 29:13, informs us that we are assured of receiving of God, when we seek Him with all our heart. This does not suggest however, that God plays hide-and-seek or that He likes to play hard-to-get before He releases to us what we ask of Him. Rather, we understand that the Christian life is hinged upon our faith in God; resting in the provision of His grace, and fixing our hearts on Him (Hebrews 11:6, 12:1-2). If it took faith (our hearts fixed upon the cross) to receive salvation, then you could be assured that we receive from God by faith.

Faith is proof of singleness of heart. One reason perhaps why prayers, fasting and word study may be to some as mere activity and void of results is because they engage such exercises with no true intention of heart! To find everything you seek you must be single at heart, to be single at heart, you have to understand the value of what you seek!

Do you love God? Do you desire to grow in knowledge and understanding of Him daily? If yes, let your heart be fixed on Him and Him alone; let every other name fade away. With God, there should be no alternative, you should not be doubleminded!

Perhaps the next time you fast, fast as one who’s single and searching. Also, the next time you pray, pray as one who’s single and searching, one whose eyes are single, whose heart is fixed on Christ who is author and perfecter of the life you now have in Him. When next you open your bible to study, do not be in a haste to complete a study plan as to fulfil all righteousness, let the Holy Spirit help uncover the treasures within. Sometimes it takes time, but one who is single would not mind, like a patient treasure hunter-single and searching!

Every believer’s endeavour is hence productive not by the activity/exercise itself but more importantly, the state of heart that drives the activity.

As believers, it is important that our hearts be fixed on Christ. We pray, we fast, we sing, we dance, yet we do not forget why we do what we do. Our hearts are fixed and desires declared; in Christ, for Christ, with Joy!

So, whatever quest you’re on right now, I have just one question for you… Are you Single???


    Faith October 26, 2019 Reply

    Thanks, for this write-up, i am Blessed

      Love Adeosun Reply

      Thanks Faith♥️

    Edgar Bukola Reply

    I didnt see this coming at all 😊

      Ini.Deb Reply

      Me too. Nice concept. I have gained a whole lot. I feel like God used you to speak to me.
      God bless you.

        Love Adeosun Reply

        Amen. I trust God is still speaking, I’m glad this was a medium.

        God bless.

      Love Adeosun Reply


      Hope you were blessed🙌

        Debby Reply

        I’m so blessed i cant explain it, Thankyou so much for this : A word in season

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