State of Emergency

The recent wave of killings in the southern part of Kaduna state, has really shaken the country to its core. Images of the scale of these tragic events, scattered all over the internet, and other media have left a bitter taste in the mouth of many concerned Nigerians.

People have started screaming for justice, setting up various campaigns and petitions. The sad reality is, we live in a country where there’s little or no trust in the capability of the government. Everyone is used to finding a way to provide basic amenities like light and water for themselves. It’s difficult to have to accept that even security is not guaranteed.

Why should this concern us though? Especially those among us who live far from the affected areas, and might not have any friends or relatives there;

  • All lives are precious to God, and as his children, they are precious to us too (Luke9:52-56). You don’t have to be connected to any of the people affected to see the worth of their lives, or to feel for those who have lost loved ones to the blood stained fangs of violence sinking into communities in the north.
  • For the body of Christ. Media reports state that 178 people have been killed, over the past 7 months in the southern Kaduna communities. Now, southern Kaduna is predominantly Christian, so the recent wave of attacks has claimed the lives of Christian brothers and sisters, displaced some, and lead to the injury and kidnap of others.

The bible lets us know that we’re all members of one body, and so, what affects one, affects all. We see an illustration in the bible where Jesus confronts Paul on his way to persecute Christians, asking.

“Why are you persecuting me?”

There’s no isolated incident in the body.

What can we do?

Prayer is the believer’s line of defense, our top most priority on what to do on behalf of persecuted brothers and sisters.

During one of the early waves of violence and persecution against the church recorded in the bible, Peter was arrested, and waiting to be executed, and we see that the church prayed endlessly for him (Acts 12:5).

To sit and watch all this play out, without doing anything about it will be as detrimental as watching a tumor eat into a body organ. Anything is allowed to spread or grow, if we let it. We have to call our leaders to responsibility. But most importantly, remember that in these moments, prayer is a must.

Take charge, declare peace, decree that everyone of the perpetrators are brought to justice. It is our duty to stand in the gap for Southern Kaduna, to stand with the body of Christ.

Satan has lost.

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