I watched with my heart heavy

as my son wallowed in self pity.

My ever capable hands itched for action

but all he did was fall into depression.

It was never meant to be so.

The trials were supposed to help him grow.

But he let himself get the wrong idea

and assumed I no longer held him dear.

I will remain close.

For there is still hope.

For somewhere in his heart,

my spirit cries “go to the light”

Please listen my son.

Don’t let the devil think he has won.

Crying and complaining will only bring pain

Why can’t you remain steadfast in your faith?

In the end its up to you my son.

Everything hinges on your decision.

Stretch out a hand so I can hold it

or withdraw and watch yourself sink.

But now it just hurts me to see

that you still refuse to reach out to me.

For instead of drawing virtue from God,

you hinder me by letting your doubt create a wall



    Tolu March 24, 2019 Reply

    I love this… thank you derek

      Derek Ehiorobo Reply

      I’m glad you do. . . you’re welcome

    Ifeoluwa Reply

    Short yet profound. Thank you Derek

      Derek Ehiorobo Reply

      You’re welcome

    Praise Reply

    I followed through until the end. I mean I thought God was the one speaking till the last sentence. The question is, if it wasn’t god, who then was speaking?

    Tochi Reply

    Derek blackkkk nice one broo

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