What the Pandemic Has Taught Me

I never imagined myself writing something like this. It’s not strange that I never thought I’d be writing about a pandemic. But I guess as the saying goes
“life is what happens while we are busy making other plans”.

I have never seen the entire world come down on its knees at the same time for the same reason – a virus. Usually it’s either some countries are affected while some others are not but this… this is so humbling. For all the intelligence, self-sufficiency and pride that most of the human race would seem to thrive on, we are pretty thrown aback by the invisible particles of some tiny droplets we can’t even see.

And If I’m to be sincere, I’m worried sick about what is going on. I’m pretty sure that most people still do not have their facts about the virus entirely right and where I am, many still think social distancing is a joke. And I can hardly blame them, while the west is recording deaths in thousands Nigeria has only confirmed its first. We are very blessed and seem pretty covered right? So why bother asides from the fact that a third world country such as Nigeria doesn’t have half the resources it will require to deal with an epidemic, talk less of a global pandemic? This is a fact that most people know without being told and for this reason, it seems easy to live in fear.

While we can easily go over the things that we already hear in the news, this article will address instead, the details that may have skipped our knowledge and address our response to it. So don’t move just yet, nobody knows everything there is to know about this.

Currently Known Facts About The Virus:

• The most common symptoms are fever, tiredness and dry cough. However, this varies depending on the patient. Some patients exhibit diarrhea, runny nose, nasal congestion, aches and sore throats.

• A recent report on Sky News has, doctors attending the case in Spain describe thefinal manifestations of the virus as something that looks like a very chronic case of pneumonia in infected people even though they can’t completely put words on it.

• Around 1 out of 6 people who get the COVID-19 become very I’ll. About 80% of infected people recover without serious treatment. Shocking fact however, is that they are not all young.

• The COVID-19 just like any other sickness e.g Malaria, tends to be more intense on people who have low immunity or a pre-existing medical condition. Albeit, people with no negative medical history have also very recently been added to the statistic of seriously infected people but with fatality rate only between 0.2%-0.4% of such cases. According to information deduced from the British owned corporation, Sky News, this recovery rate isn’t much thanks to a higher immunity among young people as it is to the prioritization of treatment to younger patients in many hospitals where medical facilities are far outnumbered.

• The virus can be contacted by talking to an infected person. It’s all about saliva and body fluid (no one has to sneeze in one’s face), hence the need for face masks, caution and social distancing.

• The belief that “the African man blood (Lol)” is immune to COVID-19 is an absolute scam. It’s not true. In Africa, there are over 600 cases in 34 countries and about 274 of those cases are in South Africa. “Although, the continent hasn’t experienced extreme declines as much as in Asia and Europe, the rising possibility in confirmed cases is worrisome”, says the World Health Organization (WHO). It seems to be increasing overnight.

According to WHO, “Africa has the world’s youngest population and it appears that older people are more vulnerable to COVID-19. However, preliminary analysis finds that people with underlying conditions are at higher risk. Across the Region, nearly 26 million people are living with HIV. Over 58 million children have stunted growth due to malnutrition. So it is possible that younger people will be more at risk in Africa than in other parts of the world.”

• Although there are different kinds of viruses, viruses generally have no cure nor antidote. They cannot be eliminated but can only be kept under control by some antiviral drugs. Take the HIV for example. Antiviral drugs aren’t the same things as antidotes.

• Lastly but certainly not the least, God did not send a virus to earth. The COVID-19 is not a punishment for humanity’s sins nor is it a plot to humble us. God does not use bad to teach good nor does he contradict his nature by doing both good and evil. This virus is purely a result of living in a fallen world in which the heart of man is desperately wicked. People created the COVID-19 samples that have now taken the world by surprise, it was not released into the wind by some spiritual force.

What I feel:

With all this info and more, am I bothered about contacting the virus? Nah, that’s the least of my worries. But am I worried about what is happening to the economy? OMG, Yes! That is the main reason I’m worried sick. I have a business that is trying to thrive in a healthy economy and now with this pandemic I somehow wonder, how would my business survive and how would I make money?

This is the topmost thing on my mind (I can’t be dependent on my
parents). People are losing their jobs, businesses are dying. I’m worried and
scared about what would happen next.
But why am I this worried? Could it be because I trust God to heal me, but I
don’t trust him to provide for me? The reality of this thought scares me that I
can trust God in one area of my life, but not in another. It makes me wander
what are the other areas of my life I’ve not totally submitted to God.

What I now know:

In as much as we would hate to admit this, that’s what most of us do, we trust
him with all of our hearts in one area of our lives and yet acts like he doesn’t
exist in another area where we equally need him. Enough with the paranoia already. I get that it’s very easy to catch fear in this world because of all that is going on in this world. The more information we have, the less we seem to trust God. God is greater than the greatest evil. And yes he sees all that is happening, he is still good. Anyone questioning God’s activity in man’s life should understand that we do not get to blame Him for the consequences of our actions. In fact, he is good in spite of all that we bring upon ourselves sometimes. And he’s good on his promises in spite of us.

While it isn’t God who sent the virus (clearly), it doesn’t negate the fact that in his hands lay the key to our healing, provision and deliverance; not just ours, but the entire world too. If we pray, God will help us. Man is clearly helpless here and even though this isn’t God trying to humble anybody, everybody and everything including science is forced to sit and back and ponder on just how wise or rather foolish it is to think that we have the secret to life figured out on our own.

If this pandemic has taught me anything, it would be trusting God in all areas
of my life. I think we should all take this time, sit back and relax, spend time
with our families and loved ones. We should also take time to search our
hearts and put them in the right frame. Take time to pray and study more. And we should take our time to put all our trust in God. There is no fear here and all is well with us because we are God’s children and God watches over his own.

Please Note: It is only smart to be proactive about your health and wellness even if your country isn’t experiencing a lockdown. Stay at home if you can. One can exercise faith also by giving heed to wisdom and not endangering others.

Love and light.

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